An Innovative Collaborator

A Potent Mix of Expertise & Opportunity

A Global Leader in Specialty Polymer Manufacturing

AAPBOMaybe you're looking for a contract research partner. Maybe you need a dose of expert consultation. Or maybe you seek a smart collaborator who can provide you with that little extra something that saves your Next Big Project from the circular file. Oxazogen, the polymer company with the unusual name, takes such opportunities very, very seriously.

From military divisions to civilian companies, from large organizations to start-ups, we work with others and we do it well. Whether we're developing specialty polymers for our soldiers on the battlefield or providing crucial problem-solving chemistry to multibillion-dollar companies halfway around the world, one thing remains constant - our expertise in materials science makes us a formidable collaborator.

Give us a call today at 989.832.5590 or email us and find out why OXAZOGEN is the right partner for you.

(And because we know you're wondering: It's pronounced 'ox-AZ-o-jen.')

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