Areas of Expertise

Photonics - Protection against laser attacks; Improving solar technology

Membranes - Fuel cells; Lithium-air battery; Improved fouling resistance for RO membranes

Specialty Coatings - Environmentally benign antifouling coatings for marine applications; Improved fouling resistance for RO membranes; Biocidal coatings targeting spore forming bacteria; Laser protection for military and civilian uses; New heat resistant coating for lithographic rolls

Sensors - Chemical sensor materials based on gravimetric, colorimetric and fluorescent responses useful for detection of chemical warfare agents, explosives and toxic industrial chemicals

Delivery Systems - Coatings used to deliver "something"; Dendrimers as a scaffold for cancer therapy

Others - Interlayer dielectrics; Polymeric blood substitutes; Tougher, advanced-performance composites; Lithium ion battery electrolytes