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Contact UsOxazogen has many specialty polymers available for sale. Oxazogen sells its products for research and commercial development purposes.

NEW IN 2014: AAPBO, or 5-Amino-2-(4-aminophenyl)benzoxazole is used extensively in the fields of proteomics and pharmacology.


1g $200 plus s/h
5g $700 plus s/h
10g $1200 plus s/h

Among our other selections of specialty polymers:

PEOX - Coatings, textiles, lubricants, plasticizers, compatibilizers, films, adhesives, binding agents

PEI - Gene transfection research, thin films with reactive surfaces, target molecule attachment

BSP3 POSS, FPOL POSS, Phenol POSS and SXFA POSS - Detection of nerve agents and
explosives, surface acoustic wave sensor coatings

SARSOX - High temperature siloxane elastomers which can perform from -50°C to +300°C

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